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Encinitas CA

Old Cabinets

Our house was built in the 70's. My family and I moved into the house in 1995. throughout my childhood the upstairs linen closet had the same cabinets from when the house was first built. they were made of cheap partical board type material with a cream colored paint coating them. My neighbors and i would play hide-and-seek and i would always hide in the linen closet. the cabinets were old and smelled like they were moldy. that dank, musty smell stuck in my mind and every time I get a whiff of something musty i instantly have a flashback to hide-and-seek.

- Tanner

Wet Asphalt

I lived on a col-de-sac growing up and 3 of the houses had kids around the same age as me. During the summer we would always have water balloon or water gun fights. the water on hot asphalt gives off a certain smell that has been locked in my brain ever since. Every time i smell it, it brings me back to the water-fight days.

- Tanner