Pine Trees. and bumble bees. Sun beams. Stoked with the whole family team. 
The way the Pine fills me, soothing the whole intestinal tract. It feels so good to be back. 
The way the lightning strokes the most precarious branch, giving my olfactory circuitry an outlet to dance. 
I long to savor your intricate compounds and the way your scent fills me with pure satiety. 
I love how you express yourself through your bark as reserved, and your needle as sexy. 
Sometimes I think a pinecone may just fall out of my head, which makes me wonder if I would continue to smell pine the same.
I love how versatile your existence is, and how you always show up when i am needing the most reminding. 
I think if I could have one pet, I would have a pine tree to play with. 
Except, I might turn your needles to velvet, so we can play nicely.

- Kyla McIlwee